We are currently creating a totally new website. Not only that, but the studio is in the process of a remodel as well as changes in our equipment. As always, AfterDark provides a low cost alternative to high end studios while still providing a world class microphone collection as well as world class outboard gear.


Our new board will be a AVID C|24 board using the latest Pro Tools HDX system running on a Apple 12 Core Mac Pro computer along with a SSL X Desk for analog summing. The studio has also added some nice additions such as SSL X Rack, Neumann U47 FET and U67 reissue microphones, a BLUE Bottle microphone with three capsules, a Manley Variable Mu Stereo Tube Compressor, a Manley Massive Passive tube equalizer, a Universal Audio 2-610 Tube Preamp, a Emperical Labs ELX8X Distressor and a classic Eventide H3500 D/SE. We also plan to acquire a SSL Stereo Bus Compressor in 2021 in order to be able to offer high quality in-house mastering for clients on a budget as well as SSL X Rack and 500 series modules for additional outboard processing.


The projected time for the studio to back up and running will most likely be mid 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and shelter in place restrictions in California. We're in the final stretch as we're currently wiring the patch bay. Please visit us around that time and hopefully our website will also be completed. We'll also be looking for studio engineers to help run sessions. If interested please contact us at afterdarkrecording@gmail.com.


Production Services

As always, we offer full productions services from creating new material or reproducing any material. We work with many local musicians that can be used to create great tracks mixed in with computer generated music as well as a ever growing sound library.

Again, please check back later this year.